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Protecting Festivals’ Interests in the field of Performing Arts

France Festivals intends to make festivals’ voices heard across the board in regards to cultural public policy. Faced with a number of crucial analyses, the stakes today are higher than ever (cutbacks in public funding for culture, state withdrawal of support for numerous festivals, cancellation of the National Music Centre project).

France Festivals is frequently called upon by public authorities to give reports:

  • Working committee on performing arts financing in 2011
  • Sénat Commission for Culture, Education, and Communication : group of studies on theatre and street arts, as well as regional festivals, April 2012
  • National Assembly Commission for education and cultural affaires on working conditions in artistic fields, January 2013
  • Sénat work group concerning reforms of the intermittence work status regime in the cultural sector, Spring 2013
  • National Assembly Commission for education and cultural affaires, assessment of the festival season, Septembre 2013
  • General management of artistic creations for the draft of a bill on performing arts, 2 meetings, November 2013
  • Publication of the Motion for Festival Coordination regarding the severe concerns about the state of festivals in France, Lille, November 2013
  • 2 Meetings with the DGCA as a part of Modernising Public Action (MAP) on policies in favour of performing arts, France Festivals’ represented by Olivier Delsalle, member of the syndicat office SNSP, 2014


In addition, France Festivals contributes and participates in numerous projects from diverse organisations with the goal of raising awareness on the importance of festivals in the performing arts sector:

  • Beginnings of merger with the SNSP (National Syndicat of Public Stages) in 2011. In Avignon on July 17th 2013, France Festivals signed the first “Public Stages Artistic and Territorial Mission Charter (without a label)” with the SNSP and the FNCC (National Federation of Territorial Collectives for Culture). The chart can be downloaded here on the right-hand tab Téléchargements. 
  • As a part of “National Coordination of Festivals” France Festivals, the AJC (Jazzé Croisé Association) Futures Composés (national musical creation network) Zone Franche (World Music Network) have worked towards the renaissance of festivals in the French cultural landscape. 
  • We actively participate in thought-tanks run by the platform “Accord Majeur” (bringing together orchestras, operas, vocal and instrumental ensembles, Futures Composés and their syndicate unit), that intends to make the voices of the classical music sector heard in national negotiations dealing with performing arts. Accord Majeur’s organisations head up 300 musical structures across France and make up a communal music service platform, for artists and their audience.

France Festivals is a member of the European Festivals Association (EFA) and participates in collective actions that bring together festival federations from European countries. Philippe Toussaint, France Festivals Board Member and European Relations Delegate, is a member of the EFA board of directors.

On the Ground Research

Research Program on European Music Festivals: FESTudy 2011-2013

 Logo Festudy

This scientific research project on European Music Festivals (all genres included) was initiated in 2011. The goal is to establish common knowledge of festival policies, as well as their management and integration in territorial development. The international research team is comprised of experts on festivals and cultural policies, and applies a comparative, cross-disciplinary approach, with the help of a network of institutional partners (festival federations, public authorities at the regional and national levels, festivals).

The scientific committee is co-directed by Emmanuel Négrier (CNRS researcher) Lluis Bonet (researcher at the University of Barcelona) and Michel Guérin (Director of the Cultural Policies Observatory of Francophone Belgium).

Breakdown of the Study

France : 92 festivals Belgium : 70 festivals Spain : 97 festivals
Ireland : 21 festivals Norway : 10 festivals Finland : 20 festivals
Sweden : 23 festivals Switzerland : 7 festivals Québec : 44 festivals

And a dozen other countries (Bulgaria, Denmark, Iceland, Polond, Luxembourg)

Total participants : Around 400 festivals

The presentation of the unprecedented and unparalleled study’s findings, took place from November 19th to 21st, 2013, at a major European symposium in the Eurometropolitan area of Lille-Kortrijk-Tournai, at the Nouveau Siècle in Lille. 

All the information on FESTudy : ici and on the symposium : ici 

A Commitment to Musical Creation

Logo Ffabrique Nomade


For over ten years, France Festivals has been creating projects to showcase young talent with the goal of promoting contemporary classical music.  To celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2009, France Festivals commissioned a new work by composer Zad Moultaka entitled Ligea. The work was performed by the Cris de Paris as part of a larger program called Mare Nostrum.  With the financial support of the SACEM and help from the ONDA, this program was played in its entirety four times within the France Festivals network.

With this experience in mind, France Festivals, the SACEM, and the ONDA have decided to establish a permanent organization which will stimulate the creation of new music : la Ffabrique nomade.


Who is eligible for financial aid from this organization?

Financial assistance is exclusively reserved for the member festivals of France Festivals and is based on the selection of one or two program submissions at each call for projects.  Festivals which are not part of France Festivals may contact us to know more about the conditions for performing the programs we have selected.


Selected Submissions:

The selection committee, which is made up of delegates from the ONDA, the SACEM, and France Festivals, have chosen the following programs:


For the 2013/2014 seasons

Lamentazioni per la settimana santa, Scarlatti/Thierry Pécou
A production of the Abbaye de Noirlac - Centre Culturel de Rencontre and the Folies Françoises.

Performance dates: Sunday, April 7, 2013, at 5 pm, Orléans
Saturday, July 6, at 4:30 pm, Abbaye de Noirlac


For the 2014/2015 seasons

Métamorphoses, Philippe Hersant
A production of Festival Ombres and Lumières de Clairvaux
(performed by the vocal ensemble Sequenza 9.3, Henri Demarquette - cello)
Performance date:  September 22, 2013, Clairvaux

The Fondation Orange has provided support for the creation of this program.


For more information about the Ffabrique nomade, click here.


SACEMondafondation Orange

Legal and Administrative Support, Training, Consulting

France Festivals informs, counsels, and defends its members’ interests.

Our members can find informational resources on the intranet website, as well as ask for additional assistance. The Federation brings support to festivals in dealing with the complexity of administrative matters (counsel on contracts, fiscal and social legislation, training seminary organisation, etc.) and offers assistance in the direction of their projects.

All of our training program information can be found ici

An Renewed Communication Policy

Well-aware of the necessity of reworking all of its communication tools, France Festivals based the evolution of its tools on its image and intrinsic values of a federation working for tomorrow : creativity, living music, diversity, and a get-up-and-go attitude in the defence of creation and young talent. 

In the framework of its membership in the “Patrimony and Cultures” club of Atout France, France Festivals participates year-round in promotional operations for its member festivals both in France and abroad, through tourism professionals as well as foreign journalists.

Additionally, the federation participates in professional work fairs:

  • Musicora in ParisFrance Festivals had stands in 2012 and 2014. The federation also organised its general assembly there in 2012, as well as mediating a conference, open to the public, on the European study FESTudy, which dealt with music festivals in 2012, and in 2014 a conference on the Economy of Festivals and Territorial Reform.
  • Les Biennales internationales du spectacle (Bis) in Nantes : In January 2012 and 2014. The France Festivals team was present to represent the association as well as its members. In 2012 it was also the occasion to mediate two debates : “The Audience of Performing Arts: The Stakes and Strategies around studies in the music sector” (led by Accord Majeur) and “Presentation de FESTudy, a European Study Initiative” (round-table led by a coordination of festivals (Afijma, France Festivals, Futurs Composés, Zone Franche). And in 2014, (New Challenges for Music Festivals: an International Panorama”.