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An active policy of partnership

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Ministry of Culture and Communication

Officilal website of the Ministry of Culture and Communication

Access to online Ministry of Culture and Communication services: exhibitions, cultural events. Includes a database of all the cultural themes.

Foundation Co-operative Credit

Official website of the Foundation Co-operative Credit

For 25 years, Foundation Co-operative Credit dedicates itself to the support of a social economy without shores, that is to say opened on the world and innovations. The action of the Foundation does not raise classical patronage: extending in the field of patronage the action of Co-operative Credit, she ties lasting partnerships with the movements of the social economy, stocks of which she shares. The research in social economy constitutes one of its main axles of intervention. Besides, to answer the diversity of the sector of social economy and the multiplicity of his actors, Foundation Co-operative Credit acts in many other domains: access to the citizenship of the persons handicapped by culture, struggle against exclusion, sustainable development and environment, international solidarity, social entrepreneuriat , etc. Anxious with encouraging also the initiatives of ground, the Foundation Co-operative Credit accompanies every year of many regional actions with strong economic, social, cultural or technological gain. Main sponsor of the Festival d’Avignon, partner of the Marseille-Provence 2013 project for the Performing art week at the MuCEM and major Patron of Franch Culture since 2010, the Crédit Coopératif Foundation made of the Performing arts a key area of its intervention. By partnering with France Festivals, it associates to a common cause : to help gain recognition of festivals cultural and social impact, because the Foundation Co-operative Credit believes in the strong relationship between artistic creation and social project, that access to culture is a vector for solidarity and a milestone in the construction of citizenship.

Atout France

Official website of France Tourism Development Agency

Atout France is responsible for promoting the development of the tourism industry, the country’s largest economic sector. A unique strategic market watch and intelligence platform Atout France’s primary mission is to maintain a detailed and permanent system for monitoring and analysing supply and demand in the tourist market.This dual understanding of supply and demand gives the agency an expertise with great potential for added value.

Office National de Diffusion Artistique

Officila website of Onda

Onda is France Festivals’s partner for the Ffabrique nomade project and supports the dissemination of the selected programs. A non-profit organisation, the Onda - Office national de diffusion artistique (French office for contemporary performing arts circulation), was established in 1975. An association funded by the Ministry of Culture and Communication (General Direction of Artistic Creation / Subdirection of European and International Affairs), the missions and goals of Onda are specified in the triennial agreements signed with the Ministry. Onda promotes the dissemination within France of performing arts works that are consistent with a process of contemporary artistic creation concerned with the renewal of forms, and stimulates exchanges in the field of live performance in Europe and internationally. Its scope of intervention covers all disciplines, whether stemming from theatre, dance, music, circus or street arts, whether these works are created in France or abroad, and whether they are aimed at adults or children.


Société des Auteurs Compositeurs et Éditeurs de Musique. The vocation of the SACEM is to protect, represent and provide service for music authors and composers, and for the creation of original music. The chief duty for SACEM is to collect payments of authors’ rights and redistribute them to the original authors and composers and the publishers. SACEM also conducts: -Cultural initiatives and programs to encourage the emergence of new repertoires, to support live performances, to help young authors, composers and performing artists be trained to professional standards. -Social initiatives helping members who are elderly or are experiencing difficulties, via mutual aid payments. -Professional initiatives to promote original work and help the music sector operate more efficiently. Two large departments based at headquarters collect authors’ rights: one covers film and TV, record production, videos and the Internet, while the other deals with music performances, musical events and sites/venues open to the public. SACEM has 70 delegation offices and seven departments to cover country regions outside Paris for optimal collection of rights due. Working through the same network, SACEM has good presence in the field for cultural programs and initiatives.

Fondation EDF

Site officiel de la Fondation EDF

La Fondation d'entreprise Groupe EDF a pour vocation de soutenir des initiatives positives issues de la société civile elle-même, de faire effet-levier sur des dispositifs novateurs. Face à un environnement qui évolue rapidement, à un contexte difficile qui multiplie les besoins, elle souhaite contribuer à construire une société plus solidaire, plus juste et plus humaine.



La Société des auteurs et compositeurs dramatiques (SACD), fondée en 1777 par Beaumarchais, est la plus ancienne des sociétés françaises de gestion collective des droits d’auteurs. Elle s’attache à percevoir et répartir les droits de plus de 53 000 auteurs membres de la SACD représentant les répertoires du spectacle vivant et de l’audiovisuel . La SACD a pour principale mission de gérer les droits des auteurs : elle négocie, perçoit et répartit leurs droits et les assiste dans les négociations et l’élaboration des contrats. Par ailleurs, elle exerce une mission sociale, lorsqu’un auteur rencontre des difficultés au cours de sa carrière, par exemple. Cette mission sociale est basée sur les principes de mutualité et de solidarité, valeurs fondatrices de la SACD. Enfin, à travers son action culturelle, financée notamment par la copie privée, la SACD soutient la création contemporaine par le biais d’aides à la création, à la diffusion, à la formation. Avec la Sacem, l’Onda et France Festivals, la SACD est partenaire du projet Ffabrique nomade qui a pour objectif de favoriser la reprise immédiate des créations musicales dans les festivals du réseau France Festivals.

EFFE - Festivals for Europe, Europe for Festivals

The EFFE Platform answers a project call launched by the European Commission and the European Parliament. Thanks to EFA’s past and present active engagement in Europe’s cultural policy development and thanks to its broad membership, the European Commission gave EFA the mandate to set up a new implementing organisation for this pilot project on the long term.