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La Folle Journée de Nantes

du 01/28/2020 au 02/02/2020

La Folle Journée is a popular event founded on strong artistic demands, which have been the key to its storming success. The festival’s greatest achievement has consisted in overcoming the prejudice that surrounds classical music, without deforming its values, in bringing the audience close to the music and the musicians without diminishing their stature, and in opening new horizons, while retaining the freedom of choice.

The audience is offered an opportunity to meet composers or members of a national music school in their own time, while allowing for each individual’s capacity to concentrate and listen. This approach is made easier by offering exceptionally low prices and catering for varying sensitivities and cultural practices, while respecting every party and working to promote music.

With events that last no more than 45 minutes, la Folle Journée offers a new perspective on concerts that attract and instruct new audiences of all ages by doing away with the unchanging and rather predictable rituals of conventional concerts. In a relatively short time, visitors can wander from room to room, each of which offers acoustics that are perfectly suited to the different musical effects. The profusion of concerts is an opportunity for visitors to renew their musical experience, as and when they choose.


  • President : David MARTINEAU
  • General Director : Joëlle Kerivin
  • Communications Manager : Amélie POIRON

  • 1h00 >


Du 28 janvier au 2 février 2020

Ouverture de la billetterie le 14 décembre 2020


La Cité, Le Centre des congrès de Nantes Le lieu unique




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